Pelorous allows you to focus on usability, design, business logic and content, not on the tools that build them.

What is Pelorous?

Pelorous is an enterprise class, free and open-source content management framework that helps you take control of your online content.

While traditional content management systems (CMS) are good at managing content, many are cumbersome, most are uncompromising, and few actually meet the specific requirements of business problems.

Pelorous however offers an alternative, providing a highly flexible and powerful platform that moulds itself to any business need or requirement - allowing you to focus on usability, design, business logic and content, not on the tools that build them.

Equal parts content management system and custom web application builder, Pelorous offers a powerful content management solution for developers and designers, while also providing an intuitive, easily understood interface for non-technical content contributors.

It is now used by businesses, government bodies and non-profit organisations around the world to manage content-rich websites, social intranets, online communities and web applications.

Design & Developer Freedom

Pelorous is an open-source content management framework based on the Zend framework. By leveraging and extending Zend framework’s components, and bundling it with standard CMS components, Pelorous lays the foundation for a framework that is highly flexible, generic, and fast. You can use as little or as much functionality as you need; it can act as a simple content delivery wrapper or a fully-fledged, enterprise content management system.

By using the industry leading Zend framework and implementing a standard MVC approach, Pelorous will also plug in seamlessly to any ZendFramework/MVC based application. No longer is it necessary to hack CMSs and other tools to death, changing your workflow to fit software that just doesn't quite "get it". 

What also makes Pelorous unique is it is designed with a unique SaaS style architecture. The admin application has been separated from the end rendering engine, meaning a single Pelorous admin server installation can manage all your sites from the same place - regardless of whether the front end sits on the same server or somewhere else.

The separation of backend and frontend allows for multiple instances of each site to be set up across different servers (e.g. one instance for development, another for staging and one for production or any combination that suits your requirements). With configurable publishing workflows, you can control which users have access to which content and who can publish to which server.

Performance & Scalability

Pelorous is designed to have an accessible simplicity that is retained regardless of scale. With flat html file caching built-in as standard, Pelorous offers a fast, scalable and powerful interface that remains consistent, predictable and capable on any scale.

From simple brochure websites to extremely powerful, web-enabled work-flow applications, Pelorous is ideal.

Also, by separating off the administrative grunt work from the front end rendering engine, results in Pelorous use a fraction of the processing power of comparable CMS systems.

Powerful Flexibility

Pelorous fits your content. Unlike other CMSs, it doesn’t force you to adopt templated interpretations of how your website should work and be organized. Using YUI grids and jQuery for auto-generated front end page layouts, with options for developers to easily override and provide fully custom markup, means designers can go to town. Template restrictions just don’t exist.

The CMS’ powerful open-source engineering also means it is designed to be entirely customisable and able to integrate with any third-party system, providing a framework to build an entirely bespoke system. 

Advanced Content Management

Pelorous includes a powerful suite of applications for a wide variety of web development needs, including site management, blog management, user management, media management, payment management, online form management, forum management, workflow, caching and subsite support. 

For the day-to-day management of the website, Pelorous provides an unintimidating and intuitive experience to allow non-technical people to quickly make changes and create content.