Giving you the tools needed to create a beautiful, custom website or application that’s just right for you.


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    100% Free & Open Source

    Pelorous is released under an open-source license and is available at no cost for anyone to use and modify.

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    Developer & Design Flexibility

    Pelorous is flexible enough to allow for any and every design and feature rich idea imaginable.

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    Powerful Site Structure

    Your content is stored in a familiar folder structure that exactly matches your website's url paths, making it simple to navigate and easy to manage

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    Data Management

    Collect and manage data to drive your strategy, while also providing integration between your offline database and online solution

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    Flexible Templating

    A powerful and flexible templating system that allows you to create complex page types while preserving a simple interface for users

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    Multi-site management

    With one central Pelorous installation, you can setup and manage multiple sites across different deployment environments


  • WYSIWIG Editing
  • Media & File Management
  • Membership Management
  • News & blog modules
  • Email Marketing
  • Built-in image editing
  • Polls / Votes
  • Image Galleries
  • Event Management
  • Permissions control
  • e-Commerce Functionality
  • Automatic caching
  • Online Forms
  • Forums
  • Social Bookmarking