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What can I build with Pelorous?
From simple brochure websites to extremely powerful, web-enabled work-flow applications, Pelorous provides a highly flexible and powerful platform that moulds itself to any business need or requirement.

Examples of websites and web applications build using Pelorous include:

  • eCommerce sites
  • Extranets and Intranets
  • Government web sites
  • Small business web sites
  • Non-profit and organization web sites
  • Community-based portals
  • Church, club and team web sites
  • Any school, college or university web site
  • Online communities
  • Volunteer management systems
  • Survey tools
  • Anything else you can dream up!

What features does Pelorous include 'out-of-the-box'?
The Pelorous framework brings immense flexibility and ease in customising your site. It includes a powerful suite of applications for a wide variety of web development needs such as site management, blog management, user management, media manager, online form management, forum management, workflow, caching and subsite support. For more information, please see our Features page. 

Who currently uses Pelorous?
Pelorous is used by hundreds of businesses and non-profit organisations around the world to manage content-rich websites, social intranets, online communities and web applications. For a more detailed list of websites running Pelorous, please see our Who Uses It section.  

How does Pelorous integrate with existing systems?
The ability to integrate with other third-party system is at the heart of Pelorous. To date the Pelorous has integrated with:

  • Blackbaud ‘Raisers Edge’         
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • ThankQ
  • Sage SalesLogix
  • SAP Business One
  • PS Financials
  • Iris
  • Workbooks CRM
  • Mailchimp
  • Salesforce CRM
  • WorldPay
  • SagePay
  • GoogleCheckout
  • PayPal
  • YouTube API
  • Worldpay
  • PDQ

What browsers does Pelorous work with?
Pelorous supports information access to its pages for all browsers. This means you can read content, add content and do all Pelorous operations from all browsers.

Do I have to know how to code in order to use Pelorous?
To run a site from day to day, definitely not. If you’re familiar with Microsoft Word you typically can be productive in Pelorous in an hour or less for sites that have been set up for “normal” content editors and end users. 

To set up and install a Pelorous server and build a site from scratch, you will need to be a competant PHP programmer with experience in front end coding as well as back end frameworks.

Who is Pelorous built by?
Pelorous is built and commercially supported by Totally Communications, a full-service digital agency based on London specialising in web technology, design and software.

Totally Communications provide commercial services around designing, implementing, and customising websites and applications based on the Pelorous content management framework. For more info, see About the Makers

Im a developer. What are some advanced ways I can use Pelorous?
Using the industry leading ZendFramework and implementing a standard MVC approach, Pelorous will plug in seamlessly to any ZendFramework/MVC based application.

You can use as little or as much functionality as you need; it can act as a simple content delivery wrapper or a fully fledged, enterprise content management system.

Can Pelorous run multiple sites off a single installation?
Yes. For directions for multiple sites, see the instructions in the Wiki.

Does Pelorous offer revisioning and rollbacks?
Currently a 'light rollback' is available in the core release (only text content, not images). A full-feature roll-back is planned for a later releases of Pelorous. 

How do I submit a fix for a bug in the code?
Pelorous offers bug/issue tracking and collaboration feature via its repository on Assembla. Simply login/setup an account and create a ticket to submit an issue.

Is it free? 
Yes, Pelorous is a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). We want everyone from small businesses to an internet startup to be able to legally use Pelorous as a fundamental part of their business.

What are the minimum system requirement to run Pelorous?
See our System Requirements page for further information. 

What are the Terms of Use for Pelorous?
Pelorous Terms of Use can be found here

How can I begin using Pelorous?
You can download Pelorous yourself and use our online resources to install, or contact us and Request a Demo.