Pelorous is an open source project with a strong, friendly and supportive community ready to help.

Getting Started

The install instructions in this section assume you are familiar with installing code on the command line on a Linux operating system and also have appropriate access rights in order to set up an apache virtual host and create MySQL databases.

Download and Installation

The installation guide describes the steps needed to install Pelorous. Pelorous is split into two key components:

  • Server Application - where you and your users will log in to administer all of your Pelorous based systems
  • Core Library - used by the server application and each front end website

Both the server application and the core libraries are included all-in-one bundles that can be downloaded here

The bundles also include a copy of the Pelorous website pre-installed to help get you started.

Before starting, please see the list of requirements and optional dependencies.

Developers Guide

To come to grips with Pelorous and become an expert, a range of documentation is maintained in assembla which anyone can contribute to. This information will be of great use for developers and other users alike. 

We are regularly searching for and adding new information to this Wiki, so we recommend you return to this page as often as possible to monitor progross and developments regarding Pelorous as they arise.